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Our fruit blenders are essential for creating your favorite smoothies, milkshakes and other treats – saving time and money. With these kitchen blenders, you can make tasty treats for your kids that will start them on the path to healthy habits. Look for compact food blenders that come with portable travel cups for your commute smoothie. Or find powerful blenders fit for commercial use when your home feels like a restaurant.

Each of our personal blenders is suitable for long-term, everyday use. The high-quality kitchen blenders will mix your favorite fruits and veggies for a healthy pick-me-up before heading to work. Or use our best priced blenders to create a delicious fruit milkshake for a dessert before bed. With these powerful blenders, you can enjoy enriching fruit and veggie smoothies – and other treats – morning, noon or night.

These personal juice blenderss are designed for speedy and efficient blending. We also have hardy, commercial-grade kitchen blenders that can make multiple servings in one session.

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From personal blender to commercial juice blenders, our selections hold up to your needs.

The best personal blenders for quick and easy blending will come in handy morning, noon and night. We have juice blenders that can make tasty, nutritious fruit and vegetable blends in minutes. Our food blenders are made for convenience, so you can enjoy hassle-free blending before work or a jog. We make powerful blenders that readily cut through even the toughest ingredients.

With these high-quality personal blenders, you can get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs in an easy-to-consume fruit or vegetable smoothie. Try using our state-of-the-art kitchen blenders to make heart-healthy blueberry, apple and kale blends. Or use these food blenders to whip up a mango-cranberry smoothie rich in antioxidants. Our reliable, powerful blenders open the door to a variety of health-promoting combinations.

Best of all, these personal blenders are specially designed for convenient use. Look for kitchen blenders that come with flip-top lids to turn containers into portable travel cups. Some of our food blenders even feature pressure release valves so you can blend warm foods and liquids without worry. Nearly all our powerful blenders are dishwasher-safe, too, so cleanup is a breeze.

We also design our best blenders with some of the most powerful components on the market. Our kitchen blenders have powerful motors that achieve a silky smooth consistency every time. Or look for food blenders with six stainless steel prongs to avoid clogging. Our powerful blenders offer high-performance functionality fit for everyday use.

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