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Add vegetable and fruit juicers to your quest for a healthier life. Cold press juicers make it easy to get a lot of nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet. For these masticating juicers, you’ll find a variety of recipes on our site for drinks that energize and refresh morning, noon and night. And because the slow juicers are designed for convenience, you can create the juices with ease any time and quickly clean the machine with a rinse or a cycle in the dishwasher if their removable parts are dish-washer safe.

Look for cold press juicers that operate at a slow speed, so there’s no heat build-up or air exposure. This way, your juice drinks will have more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. The juices from the cold press vegetable and fruit juicers also taste better and have less foam, with more produce squeezed out. In addition, the masticating juicers’ greater output means you’ll spend less on fruits and vegetables.

We also make our masticating juicers with your busy life in mind. We have cold press juicers with wider openings so you don’t have to spend as much time chopping smaller pieces. With the quick cleanup, the slow juicers make it easy to get in a fresh drink before you head out the door for the day. The juice from the vegetable and fruit juicers can also be stored in the fridge so you can do larger batches and sip on the juices for the next few days.

To find the best juicer to raise your health game, check out our detailed descriptions. The masticating juicers all have designations for what fruits and vegetables work best. Some of the fruit and vegetable juicers even make pasta, baby food, nut milks and butters, and sorbets. Once you try our slow juicers, you’ll see why Omega means more than a juicer. Our machines juice well and some do even more! Discover the potential.

With fruit and vegetable juicers, the possibilities are endless. Use cold press juicers to create celery or mango juices, or get creative combining cucumbers, oranges, apples and leafy greens for a refresher.

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The best fruit and vegetable juicers make it easy to have a nutritious treat any time of the day.

When you want vegetable and fruit juicers that get the job done, turn to our slow vertical masticating juicers that squeeze out every bit of nutrition. The cold press juicers will be your go-to for tasty, nutritious morning drinks, or sip on them all day. With our masticating juicers, it’s a lot easier to get your vitamins in through fresh produce. Check out our slow celery juicers to jumpstart your health program.

Our fruit and vegetable juicers include cold press juicers that are the most effective at easily accessing enzymes and antioxidants to boost your immunity and overall health. The low speed of cold press juicers minimize heat build-up and oxidation so more nutrients make it into your glass. The juice from masticating juicers also tastes better and there’s less foam so you’ll enjoy drinking them more. The yield with these slow masticating juicers is also great so you don’t have to buy as much produce to create your favorite drinks.

Once you have your vegetable and fruit juicers, you’ll want to start checking out recipes like ours. Make your favorites with cold press juicers following our recipes and then start creating your own brews. For the best slow juicer, check out our guidance on each page, where we designate which vegetables and fruits can be pressed. You’ll also find the slow juicers often can be used to create nut butters, sorbets and even pastas!

These fruit and vegetable juicers also defy the stories about messy cleanups of lesser celery to citrus juicers. citrus juicers can be rinsed off and some offer removable parts that can be put in the dishwasher for a clean-up. Also choose masticating juicers with a large opening for produce so you spend less time chopping up smaller pieces to place in the low speed vertical juicers. Once you try our slow juicers, you’ll see why we have the Omega Guarantee: Drink Well. Eat Well. Live Well.

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