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Our juicers ensure you get all your nutrients without having to eat your vegetables and fruits. With these cold press juicers, you can drink them and get the most nutrients for a jumpstart to your wellness program. The masticating juicers pulverize produce to get the most out of every fruit and vegetable you chop up. As a result, you need fewer fruits and vegetables – saving money – to make favorite drinks.

What you make with the juicers is almost only limited by your imagination. The cold press juicers are perfect for shots of celery and wheatgrass, as well as glasses of mango or orange juice. These masticating juicers also make combination juices so you can add your favorite fruits and vegetables. Or look for recipes that include anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables to use in your slow juicers for tasty treats that also help you stay healthy.

In addition to juicers, we have blenders that make smoothies and milkshakes. The blenders also come in handy for soups, waffle batters, pesto, soups and even cocktails. These blenders combined with our cold press juicers – some even have attachments to make nut butters to baby food – will give you lots of options as you create drinks and food that not only tastes good; but provides maximum nutrition. Whether you need drink dispensers or nut butter makers, we have the machine for you.

We build our juicers and blenders to last – and offer a warranty for peace of mind. These cold press juicers and blenders are also designed with high powered motors and blades. Best of all, the masticating juicers and blenders are easy to clean – just rinse off or toss the parts in the dishwasher. With our slow juicers and blenders, getting nutritious drinks and food in is a snap.

Masticating juicers press out every bit of juice – and flavor. So these cold press juicers that are easy to use and clean are sure to be favorite kitchen appliances for daily use.

With the right juicers and blenders, it’s a lot easier to get in your nutrients for the day.

Juicers don’t get better than ours. Our cold press juicers squeeze out every last drop of flavor and juice for drinks you can sip on the way to work or all afternoon. The masticating juicers are designed for ease of use, too, so you’ll want to use these kitchen appliances every day. In addition, we have blenders that make delicious smoothies and milk shakes to salad dressings and waffle mixes.

Our juicers are built to last – and come with a warranty for peace of mind. Designed powerful, the cold press juicers can chew up vegetables and fruits to create juices, from celery shots to anti-inflammatory juice mixes. Look for masticating juicers with extra accessories to create milk and nut butters, as well as baby food and even pasta. The fruit and vegetable juicers are sure up your health game.

Having both juicers and blenders helps you create the kitchen of your dreams. Use the cold press juicers to ensure you have fresh celery to citrus juices on hand. You’ll reach for the blenders to create drinks – as well as meals – whether it’s smoothing out a potato soup base or making pesto. After finding the right masticating juicers and smoothie blenders, check out our other brands appliances that help you live healthier.

When we design our juicers and blenders, we keep you and your busy life in mind. So our cold press juicers and other appliances are always easy to use – for example, we even have slow juicers with wide chutes so you don’t have to spend as much time chopping fruits and vegetables. Our vegetable and fruit juicers will even help you save money because you need less produce. Best of all, the drink dispensers are easy to clean – just rinse or toss parts in the dishwasher.