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Not all juicers are created equal. We have vegetable and citrus juicers that squeeze out nutrients with ease, whether choosing low speed cube juicers or high speed centrifuge juicers. Use as fruit juicers to create tropical treats like mango and pineapple juices. Or they’re great vegetable juicers for a shot of celery juice or a combination of your favorite vegetables.

The best juicers are designed for efficiency – and some like our low speed cube juicers have attachments to make nut milks and butters, as well as baby food and even pasta. Find citrus and other juicers with wide openings so you can cut produce bigger, saving time. All of our vegetable and fruit juicers are designed to squeeze out every last drop and nutrient. Best of all, our masticating juicers are easy to clean – just toss the dishwasher-safe parts of these best juicers into the dishwasher or rinse them off.

Because the juicers are so easy to use, you’ll reach for them daily. With the citrus juicers, make a refreshing orange-lemon juice after an afternoon workout. These fruit and vegetable juicers are a go-to for a morning drink packed with nutrients from your favorite produce. After finding the best juicers, check out our recipes to discover tasty treats you can sip on all day.

Juicers are a big purchase so you want to make sure you find the right ones. Our vegetable and lemon juicers have extensive product descriptions and icons to let you know what they do best. Also check out the reviews for these fruit and vegetable juicers to see how customers like you rate them. We have the best juicers – you’ll see that when you select the one right for your needs.

Add a apple juicer to the kitchen of your dream. Our best juicers chew up produce to extract every bit of juice and nutrients to up your health game.


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Find the best slow juicer for your needs to create citrus and other juices to maximize your nutrient intake.

Juicers don’t get better than ours. They’re great citrus juicers as well as celery and lemon juicers. You’ll reach for the vegetable and fruit juicers for breakfast shots to afternoon drinks to sip on. With these best juicers, you no longer have to eat your vegetables; you can drink them. Look through our best juicers to find the right low speed vertical juicers that squeeze out every last drop.

Our juicers are designed to make life easier. Whether used as citrus juicers or vegetable juicers, the masticating juicers include ones with wider chutes for fewer cuts on produce. The vegetable and fruit juicers are also easy to clean up – just rinse parts or toss them in the dishwasher. So you’ll reach for the best juicers any time of the day you want a tasty drink packed with nutrients.

You’ll find low speed cube juicers, low speed horizontal juicers and high speed centrifuge juicers. All of these juicers will chew up fruits and vegetables for tasty drinks. We also ensure the vegetable and citrus juicers press out every nutrient and drop of juice so you get more out of your produce – and have to buy less. Our slow juicers and other styles will help you up your health game without much effort.

With these juicers, the drinks you can make are almost endless. Use as a citrus juicers to create shots of your favorites, from orange juice to grapefruit juice. The fruit juicers also make tropical blends of mango, pineapple and guava, or use them to make a combo of kale, cucumber, celery, orange, apple and ginger for a zinger of a drink. After finding your favorite fruit and vegetable juicers, also check out our recipes for a variety of juices to try.

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