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With these low speed horizontal juicers, you can do more than prepare tasty, nutritious fruit and veggie drinks in minutes. The horizontal cold press juicers can be used to make all kinds of nourishing treats. Our horizontal slow masticating juicers are also specially designed to provide maximal health benefits. We make the industry’s best horizontal slow juicers, all of which come with state-of-the-art features.

Many of these low speed horizontal juicers can make several different goodies beyond delicious juices. You’ll see horizontal cold press juicers suited for nut butters and nut milks, too. Or look for horizontal slow masticating juicers that can create delicious homemade pastas. We also design the best slow juicer for making baby food, sorbet or wheatgrass shots.

Our cutting-edge low speed horizontal juicers provide all the amazing benefits of the juicing lifestyle. These efficient horizontal cold press juicers cut down on heat and oxidation, preserving every last nutrient your fruits and veggies have to offer. Using our vegetable and fruit juicers, you can get an entire day’s worth of vitamins in a single glass. Choose from our best horizontal slow juicers to up your health game.

Each of these low speed horizontal juicers comes with the latest features. Look for masticating juicers with adjustable pressure settings, so you can find the perfect balance between flavor and juice yield. We even have horizontal slow masticating juicers with automatic pulp ejection for quick and easy cleanup. Discover we have the best horizontal slow juicers for effective, hassle-free juicing.

These low speed horizontal juicers will help you up your health game. You’ll find slow juicers perfect for turning unused produce into wholesome, mouth watering drinks.

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Find durable and affordable masticating juicers in our wide-ranging selection.

These economical low speed horizontal juicers provide quality performance at an affordable price. Our horizontal cold press juicers are compact, so can be easily stored without any hassle. These horizontal slow masticating juicers also offer high-power functionality that makes quick work of tough ingredients. With the best juicers for consistent, everyday use, you won’t mind getting in your daily vitamins.

Each of our low speed horizontal juicers can fit neatly on your kitchen counter or in a cabinet. We make horizontal cold press juicers in both slim and cube-shaped models for manageable setup and teardown. Look for horizontal slow masticating juicers with onboard storage, so you won’t have to worry about where to put your juicing accessories. Pick the best horizontal slow juicer for your kitchen – and for juicing needs.

Our ergonomic low speed fruit juicers are some of the most powerful on the market. You’ll see horizontal cold press juicers that use triple-stage augers to achieve greater juice output. Many of these horizontal slow masticating juicers come with two-horsepower motors that easily process ingredients like carrots and ginger root. We design the best horizontal slow juicers for power and performance.

These reliable low speed horizontal juicers are perfect for consistent, everyday juicing. Use our apple juicers to enjoy a refreshing glass of apple juice before your morning commute. Or use our horizontal slow masticating juicers to prepare an anti-inflammatory celery juice shot before bed. Add one of the best horizontal slow juicers to create the kitchen – and juices – of your dreams.

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