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Find the best blenders with timers among our selection. Each of our high powered blenders is made for long-lasting durability. We also have dishwasher safe blenders that you can clean without any hassle. Explore smoothie blenders, cocktail blenders, milkshake blenders and other appliances at Omega Juicers.

These blenders with timers are built to last. Search for high powered blenders made from virtually indestructible polyester plastic. We also have dishwasher safe blenders with gripper feet that provide long-term stability. Our smoothie blenders can withstand commercial as well as household use.

Get dependable blenders with timers that will look great in your kitchen. These high powered blenders are suitable for businesses as well as families.

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Check out blenders with timers, dishwasher safe blenders and other Omega Blenders.

Find top-quality blenders with timers among our stock. We supply high powered blenders with a variety of up-to-date features. You’ll see dishwasher safe juice blenders with adjustable speed settings, too. Our smoothie blenders are designed to deliver powerful performance at an economical price.

These blenders with timers come with all the latest features. Look for high powered blenders that use an automatic shut-off to create consistently smooth blends every session. We also have dishwasher safe blenders with cord storage under the unit to save space. Many of our smoothie blenders even have noise reduction pads under the housing, for quieter, less distracting blending.

You can use our blenders with timers to whip up any recipe in minutes. We provide high powered blenders with up to 10 different blending speeds. You’ll also see dishwasher safe blenders with a pulse function for when you’re in a rush. We even have smoothie blenders that oscillate their blade speed to combat clogging.

Best of all, these blenders with timers provide industry-leading performance. Many of our high powered blenders use 3 horsepower motors to process the toughest ingredients. We have dishwasher safe blenders that feature a winged-tip blade design to reduce clogs. These smoothie blenders make quick work of ice, carrots and other resilient ingredients.

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