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We have several affordable slow juicers and other appliances. You’ll find fast juicers designed to make delectable fruit and veggie drinks in minutes. We also have dishwasher safe blenders for when you want a homemade milkshake without the fuss of cleaning up. Check out our blenders with timers, too, so you can whip up a smoothie while you finish getting ready for work.

With products like our high-end slow lime juicers, you can make a variety of tasty treats. Try using fast juicers to quickly press a refreshing glass of pineapple-orange juice. Or pick up a dishwasher safe blender so that you can enjoy homemade chocolate and vanilla shakes any day. Using our blenders with timers, you can create a tantalizing blue raspberry smoothie while you fold laundry or clean your kitchen.

All our slow juicers and other items come with the latest features for added convenience. Look for the best juicers that use splash guards and non-slip feet to avoid unnecessary spillage. We also have dishwasher safe blenders with special spatula and plunger sides that eliminate clogs. You’ll even see blenders with timers that offer cord storage under the unit to keep your kitchen counter tidy.

The best part is, slow juicers and other appliances from our stock are built to last. Many of our fast juicers come with up to a 15-year warranty. We also offer dishwasher safe blenders made from virtually indestructible plastic. You’ll even find blenders with timers that have gripper feet under the housing to avoid unfortunate falls.

Find the best slow juicers within our extensive selection. We also have high speed juicers, dishwasher safe blenders and anything else you might need to complete your kitchen.


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These fruit juicers and other products provide a great way to up your health game.

Our industry-leading slow juicers, will extract every last nutrient out of your favorite fruits and veggies. We also have fast juicers, so you can enjoy healthy homemade drinks in minutes. Look out for dishwasher safe blenders, too, made to provide shakes and smoothies without any hassle. We even have blenders with timers that let you multitask while blending.

With one of our slow juicers or other appliances, you can up your health game overnight. Try using our fast juicers to make a kale-cucumber blend that helps fight inflammation. Or pick up a dishwasher safe smoothie blender to create all-natural fruit smoothies. You’ll also see blenders with timers, so you can check emails or feed your cat while you whip up a delicious strawberry-banana smoothie.

Each of our slow juicers and other products is designed for ease-of-use. Look for fast juicers with built-in handles for easy storage. Or find dishwasher safe blenders with noise reduction pads for quieter blending in the morning or at night. Many of our high power blenders with timers also feature containers made from plastic that resists dents and dings.

These slow juicers and other items are some of the most powerful on the market. Check out our celery juicers with two-horsepower motors that can process tough ingredients. Many of our dishwasher safe blenders use winged-tip blades to cut through troublesome clogs. We even have blenders with timers that come with a convenient pulse function for a boost of added power.

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Products 13 - 24 of 43