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We provide juicer features like pulp extractors and onboard storage for accessories. You’ll see blenders with blender features like plunger sides that push ingredients into a continuous blend. We offer slow juicers that preserve nutrients, commercial-grade blenders and many other state-of-the-art appliances. Find fast juicers that can make delicious fruit and veggie drinks in minutes, as well as anything else you might need to complete your kitchen setup.

Look for juicers with juicer features such as extra-large feed trays that cut down on prep time. We have smoothie blenders with blender features like winged-tip blade designs to prevent clogs, as well as juicers with no-drip juice taps that reduce mess. You’ll find slow juicers that extract every last nutrient out of your produce, too. We even have fast juicers you can use to quickly make a crisp glass of orange juice before heading to work.

Our juicers have cutting-edge juicer features, but we also make advanced blenders as well. Search for blender features such as gripper feet that provide extra stability. In addition to high-quality slow juicers, we design the best blenders with convenient pulse functions and 10-speed dials. You’ll see fast juicers along with blenders suitable for consistent, everyday use.

These juicers with innovative juicer features, together with our blenders, are built to last. Discover blenders with modern blender features that are made from virtually indestructible plastic. Or find slow juicers with bowl and pulp strainers made from surgical stainless steel. We also have fast juicers that come with up to a 15-year warranty.

Our best juicers offer ingenious juicer features at an affordable price. Our blenders also include blender features made for practicality and performance.


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Get the latest citrus juicer features and blender features with our high-quality machines.

Explore juicers with juicer features like adjustable pressure settings so you can make perfectly balanced fruit and veggie juices. We design blenders with blender features such as convenient cord storage under the unit, too. Find slow juicers with powerful augers and blenders with pulverizing motors. We make industry-leading fast juicers and blenders.

You’ll see masticating juicers with juicer features that provide added ease-of-use, along with high-tech blenders designed for convenience. Look for blenders with blender features like noise reduction pads, so you can blend early in the morning or late at night. We have slow juicers that preserve important vitamins and enzymes, and blenders for both home and commercial use. Many of our fast juicers and blenders are dishwasher safe too, so cleanup doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Our advanced juicer features include handy mixing functions and automatic pulp ejection. Blender features like clear measurement markings, and juicers in both horizontal and vertical designs are also convenient when creating treats. Find slow juicers that provide a day’s worth of vitamins in a single glass of juice. Or look for fast juicer – and create your nutritious treat even faster – and with splash guards, keep your kitchen counter squeaky clean.

These juicers with helpful juicer features, as well as our blenders, are built for high-power performance. Blender features like three-peak-horsepower motors means you can process even tough ingredients. You’ll also find slow juicers that use the latest augers to maximize juice output. Some of our fast juicers even have stainless steel blades that efficiently pulverize fruits and veggies in minutes.

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Products 37 - 43 of 43