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Silver Kitchen Blenders, Red Smoothie Blender & Black Food Blender

Search our blenders by color to identify the ideal blender to pair with an Omega juicer to create the kitchen of your dreams. The red blenders and other colors come with an array of cutting-edge features, so you can blend like a pro. There are black blenders and other shades that are great for making fun cocktails for dinner guests. Or choose from red blenders to brighten your kitchen as you make yummy yet health-conscious smoothies post-workout.

These blenders by color provide state-of-the-art features for effortless blending. Many, including our silver high power blenders, reach peak horsepower to pulverize tough ingredients like apples and carrots. Some of the black blenders (or other colors) have an auto-shutoff feature for consistent, worry-free blending. Our red blenders and other choices even come with plunger and spatula sides that anticipate and eliminate clogs.

These smoothie blenders by color offer top-of-the-line features at an affordable price. Try one of our sleek silver blenders or another color to effortlessly whip up all kinds of tasty treats.


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Look through our best blenders by color to find a quality blender built to last.

With these blenders by color, you can make your favorite drinks quickly and easily. We have eye-catching silver blenders great for making shakes, smoothies and cocktails. Or try a sleek black blenders with the latest high-tech features. We also have striking red blenders, and no matter which color you choose, you get an economical, quality blender that’s easy to use. Combined with our vegetable and fruit juicers, you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

Shop blenders by color to find the perfect blender for your needs. With a stylish silver blender, you can whip up delectable homemade milkshakes. Or try using our black fruit blenders to create sweet and nutritious fruit smoothies. We also have red blenders great for making fun cocktail combinations to entertain guests.

Pick from blenders by color for an affordable blender with the latest features. Our silver blenders and other color blenders come with multiple containers for a variety of uses. Look for black blenders with flip-top lids so they double as portable travel cups. Choose from red blenders and other high powered blenders with easy-to-read LED dials that have 10 different blending speeds.

All of these sleek juicer blenders by color are easy to operate. Some silver blenders come with a control feature that uses an oscillating blade to prevent clogs. Search for black blenders with a pressure release valve for safely blending warm foods. Many of our red blenders even feature gripper feet under the motor for added stability as you make your favorite smoothie or milkshake.

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