Omega Travel Glass Juice Bottle 2-Pack



Omega Travel Glass Juice Bottle 2-Pack



Features & Description

Omega Travel Glass Juice Bottle 2-Pack

Do you love creating fresh homemade juice, but do not know how to store it? Look no further than Omega. We are offering On The Go glass bottles with stainless steel lid with carrying loop and sleek sleeve.


Now it's easy and convenient to both store and take your delicious, healthy homemade juices or any beverage for that matter, on the go. Save time and money by making your very own juice and storing your bottles in the refrigerator for later. Want fresh juice at school or work? The Omega glass bottles will fit in most car cup holders for travel and a lunch bag for later.


The 16.9 Ounce Omega beverage bottles are dishwasher safe and eco-friendly. Our bottles are BPA free and lead free. Good quality glass bottles will eliminate the chance for the taste of your beverage to be altered, like you might get with metal or plastic.


Each bottle comes with a stainless steel cap and there is no need to worry about leaks as our bottles have a strong seal and are leak proof. Having an airtight bottle will also help to preserve the enzymes in your juice. Enjoy beverages any time of the day!


Enjoy using your Omega On The Go bottle for fresh juice, water, tea, smoothies, and even use for warm beverages too.


Two durable glass bottles, stainless steel lids with convenient carrying loop and comfortable nylon sleeve.

The Omega Guarantee: Drink Well. Eat Well. Live Well.

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