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End Cap (J8006HDS, J8006HDC, J8008C, 8007, 8008, MM900HDS)-Parts & Accessories-Omega Juicers

End Cap (J8006HDS, J8006HDC, J8008C, 8007, 8008, MM900HDS)



End Cap for Omega J8006HDS Juicer

End Cap for Fruit and Vegetable Juicers

Order this fine screen juicer part for your MMV700S apple juicer, and easily switch out the parts. With the juicer replacement part for your MMV700S carrot and fruit juicer, you’ll be back to juicing daily.

Our MMV700S vegetable and fruit juicers like all of our slow juicers are built to limit heat and oxidation for better tasting and more nutritious juices. Use them as citrus to celery juicers, and create a variety of combination juices to get all your day’s nutrients in one glass.

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Part Number: PDRUMCAP878B