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Pulp Cup (no handle) (VRT350, VRT330)-Parts & Accessories-Omega Juicers

Pulp Cup (no handle) (VRT350, VRT330)



Juicer Pulp Cup (no handle)

Juicer Pulp Cup (no handle) for Vegetable and Fruit Juicers

Find a Pulp Cup (no handle) for your VRT350 and VRT330 slow juicers, and your juicer will be working like new in no time. Our juicer replacement parts are easy to switch out.

With our Omega VRT350 and VRT330 slow vegetable and citrus juicers, you can create shots of wheatgrass to combo drinks that fight inflammation, Using our fruit juicers is sure to up your health game – and our juicer parts help you keep juicing.

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Part Number: PBWLP330