JCUBE2MB13 Omega® Cold Press 365® Masticating Slow Juicer with On-Board Storage, Matte Black



JCUBE2MB13 Omega® Cold Press 365® Masticating Slow Juicer with On-Board Storage, Matte Black


What This Juicer Makes:
baby food
celery juice
citrus juice
fruit juice
leafy greens juice
nut butters
nut milks
vegetable juice
wheatgrass juice

Features & Description

Put an 8-in-1 total healthy living powerhouse in your kitchen with the Cold Press 365® Cube-Style Slow Juicer and Nutrition System. This machine lets you juice fruits, vegetables, greens, and makes nut butters, nut milks, baby food, pasta, and sorbets. The unique cube-shaped design neatly stores all accessories for quick use and easy accessibility. Its cold press masticating technology, reduces heat and air exposure for juices that are higher in vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. The powerful 3-stage auger extracts every drop of juice for greater output with less foam and better taste. Once you are done, clean-up is a breeze with a quick sink rinse or placement in the top-rack of your dishwasher.


  • Health enhancing cold press technology helps eliminate heat and air exposure to preserve and optimize critical vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients in every glass


  • Get every last drop of juice with the powerful, 3-stage auger that squeezes every bit of juice out of fruits, vegetables and greens for better taste, less foam and greater juice output


  • Makes fruit, vegetable and leafy green juices as well as nut milks and butters, baby foods, pastas and sorbets


  • A machine you’ll use for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks


  • Stores all accessories in one neatly organized cube


  • All accessories are top-rack dishwasher safe


  • Less noise than high speed juicers


Cold press slow juicing reduces heat and air exposure to preserve critical vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients in every glass.​

The 3-stage auger produces a higher juice yield for more juice in your glass!

The Omega Juice Cube is a total healthy living wellness solution to make juices, pastas, baby food, nut butters & milks and sorbet.​

Place accessories in the sink for a quick rinse or in the top rack of a dishwasher for quick clean up.​

All accessories easily nest into the unique cube design for fast accessibility and organized, neat storage.​

Drink your nutrients. Juice fruits, vegetables and greens for a delicious way to get fit and healthy.

Tech Specs

  • Juicer Type Low Speed Juice Cube
  • Model # JCUBE2MB13
  • Speed Low Rotation Speed of 80 RPM
  • Wattage 200 Watts
  • Weight 13.98 lb/ 6kg
  • Voltage 110-120V
  • Warranty 15 Year
  • Dimensions 10.24” L × 10.43” X × 10.24” Dia. (260 mm L × 265 mm W × 260 mm Dia.)

What's In The Box?

  • 1 Juice Cone 
  • 1 Homogenizing Cone 
  • 6 Nozzles 
  • 1 Juice Bowl (32oz / 950ml) 
  • 1 Pulp Bowl (32oz / 950ml)
  • 1 Strainer/Sieve
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