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Find the latest certification CE blenders at Omega Juicers. These commercial-grade, certified blenders are built to withstand multiple sessions per day. Our smoothie blenders also come with a variety of advanced features, providing industry-leading performance at an inexpensive price. If you’re after a high powered blender that will last for years, look no further than our extensive selection.

Each of these certification CE blenders comes with several high-tech blender features. You’ll see certified blenders with 10-speed adjustable LED dials for efficient, consistent blending results. We also have smoothie blenders that include noise reduction pads under the motor housing to reduce vibration and allow for quieter blending. Many of our high powered blenders even have a pulse function that quickly eliminates clogs when they arise.

Get low-priced certification CE blenders and other blenders at Omega Juicers. Our certified blenders are a great way to enjoy all-natural fruit smoothies and up your health game.

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These modern certification CE blenders are designed for stability, power and reliability.

Discover the perfect certification CE blender for your business at Omega Juicers. Our certified blenders can be used for all occasions, and can make anything from milkshakes to cocktails. Each of these smoothie blenders is designed to deliver superior performance. Our high powered blenders are also made from cutting-edge materials, so you’ll get a blender that’s built to last.

Our advanced certification CE blenders are suitable for many different purposes. Look for certified blenders you can use to effortlessly whip up cocktails for friends and family. We also have dependable smoothie blenders perfect for serving customers at fast-paced businesses. You’ll even see high powered blenders that can prepare multiple milkshakes at once.

These vegetable blenders provide powerful performance at an economical price. Browse certified blenders with three-horsepower motors and an innovative winged-tip blade design. You can also find smoothie blenders that use a cutting-edge Infinity Control feature to cut through clogs. For the best high powered blenders, look no further than Omega Juicers.

Our dependable certification CE blenders are built for longevity as well. Several of our certified blenders use containers made from virtually indestructible copolyester plastic. You’ll also see smoothie blenders that come with up to 15-year warranties covering parts and performance. Whether you need a high powered blender for our home or business, there’s nothing more reliable than an Omega Juicer blender.

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