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Find the best dishwasher safe juicer blenders and other easy-to-use blenders at Omega Juicers. We make high powered blenders that deliver industry-leading performance at an economical price. Our smoothie blenders and juice blenders are built for speed too, and can prepare delicious fruit smoothies in minutes. All our food blenders and other blenders are made from the highest-quality materials available.

These affordable dishwasher safe blenders can make smoothies, cocktails or milkshakes in minutes. Look for high powered blenders that use three-horsepower motors to easily cut through tough ingredients like carrots or ginger root. We even have smoothie blenders with plunger and spatula sides that eliminate clogs to increase efficiency. You can find food blenders with powerful pulse functions, adjustable speeds and more time-saving features.

Search through dishwasher safe blenders in many different sizes, colors and designs. Some high powered blenders have ten different speeds, while others come with convenient travel containers.

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These dishwasher safe blenders help cut down on cleaning time and make blending your favorite snacks a breeze.

You’ll find the best dishwasher safe blenders at Omega Juicers. Our high powered blenders are designed for convenience, and come with an array of special features that save you time and energy. We make smoothie blenders and other blenders in a variety of different models, too. Best of all, each of our food blenders is easy to maintain and care for over time.

Our dependable dishwasher safe blenders come with a number of convenient blender features. Look for high powered blenders with cord storage under the unit, to keep your kitchen counter looking tidy. We also provide smoothie blenders with clear measurement markings that make it easier to precisely follow the recipes you love. You’ll see food blenders with noise reduction pads, gripper feet and more useful blender features.

We offer dishwasher safe blenders in a number of different makes and models. Many of our high powered blenders are approved for commercial use, and come with extra stainless steel containers for serving milkshakes. We also have smoothie blenders in personal sizes, with containers that can be used on the go. Whether you need vegetable blenders for at home or your business, we have everything you need at Omega Juicers.

Our advanced dishwasher safe blenders are easy to care for as well. You’ll see many high powered blenders that have removable pads and gripper feet for easier cleaning. Some of our smoothie blenders even use virtually indestructible copolyester plastic to help avoid cracks or dings. With a food blender from Omega Juicers, you’ll get a blender that’s meant to last.

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