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Check out certification ETL sanitation blenders and more commercial-grade blenders at Omega Juicers. Our certified blenders bring you industry-leading performance at a budget-friendly price. You can find variable high powered blenders and personal blenders in a number of different shapes and styles. Each of our high powered blenders also comes with the latest blender features.

We make certification ETL sanitation blenders and other blenders with advanced blender features. Some of our certified blenders, for example, use noise reduction pads to minimize vibrations and provide quieter blending. You’ll also see variable speed blenders that use a winged-tip blade design to pulverize resilient ingredients. Whether you’re after a high powered blender or compact personal blender, all our appliances include cutting-edge blender features.

You’ll find certification ETL sanitation blenders and more high powered blenders at Omega Juicers. Our certified blenders offer a fast, dependable way to serve customers or make smoothies at home.

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Get a certification ETL sanitation blender, or other certified blender, depending on your needs.

Find the perfect certification ETL sanitation blender to fit your needs. We offer certified juicer blenders for all sorts of uses and occasions. One of our variable speed blenders is a great way to up your health game and prepare all-natural fruit and veggie smoothies, too. With our easy-to-use, high powered blenders, you can enjoy delicious concoctions morning, noon or night.

Use these certification ETL sanitation blenders to make all kinds of tasty treats. We have certified blenders you can use to whip up perfectly balanced cocktails with ease. You’ll also see variable speed blenders that can produce consistently textured milkshakes every session. Or simply use our high powered blenders to make nutritious fruit and veggie smoothies with your kids.

Our certification ETL sanitation blenders are an excellent way to up your health game. We have certified blenders with convenient pulse functions you can use to blend tough ingredients like carrots and cucumbers. Look for variable speed blenders ideal for blending berries and citrus fruits on hot summer afternoons. These vegetable blenders make quick work of any produce, so you can focus on preparing recipes that suit your health needs.

With these certification ETL sanitation blenders, you can enjoy homemade goodies morning, noon or night. Try using our certified blenders to create a delicious strawberry-banana smoothie after your morning jog. Or find a variable speed blender you can use to make margaritas at family barbecues. Our high powered blenders are also a great choice for whipping up a rich, creamy milkshake for dessert.

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