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Look through these juicers by certification to find a juicer that will last your business for years. With our commercial blenders and juicers, you’ll be able to serve customers all sorts of delicious drinks. These certified drink dispensers deliver powerful performance without an expensive price tag. Find convenient, certified juicers among our stock to begin serving irresistible juices, shakes and smoothies.

With our juicers by certification, your staff can create all kinds of delectable recipes. We even have commercial blenders built specifically for whipping up rich, creamy milkshakes. Look for certified drink dispensers that can make celery juice and wheatgrass shots as well. We even have certified juicers you can use to produce all-natural fruit sorbets.

These juicers by certification provide high-power performance, too. You’ll see commercial blenders with motors that reach 3 horsepower to deliver superior results. We also supply certified drink dispensers with advanced triple-stage augers that maximize juice yield. Find a certified juicer for your business that will quickly produce consistently smooth fruit and veggie drinks every session.

Our juicers by certification are designed for convenience. We make commercial blenders that can create three different milkshakes at once. Some of our certified drink dispensers even feature onboard storage for parts and accessories. Look for certified juicers with built-in handles, adjustable pressure settings and more helpful features.

Find high-quality juicers by certification at Omega Juicers. Our commercial blenders and juicers can make all sorts of irresistible drinks.


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These juicers by certification provide exceptional performance at a budget-friendly price.

Explore juicers by certification to discover juicers with a variety of advanced features. We make commercial blenders and juicers that use cutting-edge materials to deliver long-lasting durability. With these certified drink dispensers, you can make all sorts of healthy treats. Find the certified juicer that will complete your kitchen among our stock.

These juicers by certification come with an array of state-of-the-art features. Search for commercial blenders with plunger and spatula sides that reduce clogs. You’ll even see certified drink dispensers with user-friendly, no-drip taps. We provide certified juicers with extra-large feed trays, gripper feet and more advanced features.

Look through our juicers by certification to see juicers and blenders that are built to last. Many of our commercial blenders are made from damage-resistant copolyester plastic. We also make certified drink dispensers with surgical stainless steel components. You can even find certified juicers and blenders with up to a 10-year extended warranty.

Browse juicers by certification to get the juicer you need to make tasty, nutritious fruit and veggie drinks. We also have smoothie blenders that can whip up all-natural fruit smoothies in minutes. Find certified drink dispensers you can use to create drinks like mango-pomegranate or kale-cucumber blends. These certified juicers open the door to a variety of healthy yet delicious recipes.

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