Lid Blender Lid Parts Kitchen Blenders, Best Blenders, Smoothie Makers & Dishwasher Safe Blenders Get blender lids and other blender replacement parts at Omega Juicers. Browse commercial milkshake blender parts, personal kitchen blender parts and even a handful of blender accessories.

Find blender lids and assorted kitchen blender parts that are built to last. With industry-leading milkshake blender and smoothie blender parts, we’ll show you that quality is in our DNA.
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Blender Lid (OM6160, OM6560, OM7560) & Dishwasher Safe Blenders

Milkshake Blenders, Best Blenders, Smoothie Makers & Dishwasher Safe Blenders

Find blender lids along with a number of useful blender accessories among our stock. We make parts for milkshake blenders, smoothie blenders and other appliances. Each of our kitchen blender parts is designed for both durability and ease-of-use. You’ll see all the best blender parts for performing speedy, painless blender repairs.

Whether you need blender lids, blades or other parts, we’ll make sure you get your blender back in perfect condition. We supply milkshake blender parts and more for commercial as well as at-home use.

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Lid for the 64oz Eastman Tritan BPA Free Container for OM6160, OM6560, OM7560 Blenders. Does not include CONTAINER or LID PLUG.

All our blender lids and other parts use state-of-the-art materials to provide industry-leading performance.

Pick up blender lids and other parts for when your blender breaks down or parts go missing in storage. We make parts for milkshake blenders and smoothie blenders of multiple types. We even provide kitchen blender parts designed for consistent, everyday use in businesses. With Omega Juicers, the best blender parts and accessories won’t jeopardize your budget.

These blender lids and other parts use cutting-edge materials to ensure long-term durability. Look for milkshake blender blades made from surgical stainless steel. Or find kitchen blender containers that use copolyester plastic to prevent dents and dings. We provide the best blender parts and accessories on the market, all at a price you can afford.

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