MM1500GY13 Omega Slow Juicer, BPA Free with Celery Cap, Gray, 200W
MM1500GY13 Omega Slow Juicer, BPA Free with Celery Cap, Gray, 200W MM1500GY13 Omega Slow Juicer, BPA Free with Celery Cap, Gray, 200W MM1500GY13 Omega Slow Juicer, BPA Free with Celery Cap, Gray, 200W MM1500GY13 Omega Slow Juicer, BPA Free with Celery Cap, Gray, 200W
MM1500GY13 Omega Slow Juicer, BPA Free with Celery Cap, Gray, 200W MM1500GY13 Omega Slow Juicer, BPA Free with Celery Cap, Gray, 200W Best Slow Juicer, Fruit Juicer, Low Speed Juicer & Celery Juicer With their powerful auger, these are some of the best medical medium juicers for leafy greens, citrus fruits and other produce. The vegetable and fruit juicers squeeze out the most flavor and nutrition so the slow speed medical medium juicers help you get healthier – even if you don’t eat your fruits and vegetables.

The best slow juicers, are also great baby food juicers. These fruit and vegetable juicers also have juicing attachments for leafy greens, nut butters and milks, sorbets and even pasta so these Medical Medium juicers are certainly up to the entire family's active, healthy juicer lifestyle.

Add the best slow juicer to your dream kitchen, and find out the difference quality makes in low speed juicers. We build our vegetable and fruit juicers powerful so they can press out the most juice without losing nutrients.

After picking the best slow juicer, check out our recipes to inspire new drinks made with your low speed juicer. Because the vegetable and fruit juicers get more juice out of produce, you’ll also save money.
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Slow Juicers, Celery, Fruit & Vegetable Juicers

Low Speed Juicers, Best Celery Juicers & Best Medical Medium Juicers

Medical Medium juicers, these are the best slow juicers to jumpstart your nutrition program – and maintain one. With low speed juicers, no need to eat your fruits and vegetables; you can drink them. These vegetable and fruit juicers also have accessories that will make baby food, sorbet, nut butter and milk, and pasta. The celery and other produce juicers will help you up your health game.

The best masticating juicer, our low speed juicers minimize heat and air exposure for great nutrients. Use the vegetable and fruit juicers to create a variety of nutritious and tasty drinks.

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  • This Omega juicer is endorsed by Anthony William, The Medical Medium based on high performance and maximum amount of juice out of celery
  • Provides maximum juice extraction by squeezing celery longer, for more juice and less waste. Juicing Tip- use fresh, cold, whole celery stalks to feed through the chute rather than cutting into small pieces when juicing
  • Includes an adjustable celery end cap attachment designed for getting the most juice out of your celery. Also includes a standard adjustable end cap for juicing other produce
  • A full wellness system to make baby food, nut butters and milks, pasta and sorbets. Includes 6 nozzles
  • The powerful squeezing action of the triple stage auger produces high juice yield from minimum amounts of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens
  • 80-100 RPM low speed juicing minimizes heat build-up and oxidation so you get more nutrients in every glass
  • BPA free for peace of mind and healthy juicing
  • Less noise compared to high-speed juicers
  • Cleanup is simple with a rinse in the sink, or most removable parts are top rack dishwasher safe
  • Includes a juice container, pulp container, 6 nozzles, pusher, juicing screen, cleaning brush

Create favorite juicers with the best slow juicer that presses out tasty drinks for any time of day.

The best medical medium juicers produce more flavorful and nutritious juices without a lot of noise – and with less fruits and vegetables. Our vegetable and fruit juicers are designed to minimize heat and oxidation for the most vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Use them as celery juicers, leafy green juicers and citrus juicers. The low speed medical medium juicers are versatile enough to handle just about any produce.

These are the best slow juicers, for sure. But the low speed juicers also have several attachments to create a variety of tasty treats. Use the low speed juicers as baby food juicers to create organic food for your infant – and have peace of mind you’re feeding her the best produce. With the top juicers, you can also make nut butters and milks, sorbets and even pastas – upping your health game without much effort.

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