Lid Cap (BL3 Blenders)
Lid Cap (BL3 Blenders)
Lid Cap (BL3 Blenders) Blender Lid Cap Replacement (BL3 Blenders) Milkshake Makers, Smoothie Blenders, Best Blenders & Kitchen Blenders Whether you need blender lid caps, blades or other parts, we’ll help you get back to making your favorite drinks. You’ll see parts for milkshake makers and smoothie blenders in a variety of makes and models.

We make blender lid caps and other smoothie blender parts using the highest-quality materials. Look for milkshake maker containers and other parts made from nearly indestructible copolyester plastic.
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Lid Cap (BL3 Blenders) & Kitchen Blenders

Milkshake Makers, Smoothie Blenders, Best Blenders & Dishwasher Safe Blenders

Our blender lid caps and other dependable blender parts make fixing your blender easy. You’ll see parts for milkshake makers and more appliances that can be swapped in and out in minutes. Find smoothie blender parts and other dishwasher safe blender parts that are easy to care for and built to last. For the best blenders and juicers, look no further than Omega Juicers.

Get blender lid caps with measurement markings and other useful parts. Browse parts for milkshake makers, smoothie blenders and juicers.

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Lid Cap / Plug for the BL3 Blenders. Does not include CONTAINER or LID.

Along with blender lid caps and a number of other parts, we also make several convenient accessories.

Find blender lid caps and whatever else you might need to get back to blending tasty shakes and smoothies. We provide several milkshake maker parts, including parts for models that can blend multiple milkshakes at once. We also offer affordable smoothie blenders parts like containers with convenient measurement markings. You’ll find the best blender parts and pieces at Omega Juicers.

These blender lid caps and other parts are built to last. All our milkshake maker and smoothie blender parts are approved for commercial use in fast-paced businesses. You’ll see smoothie blender parts made from Eastman Tritan plastic that can handle several sessions per day. We design the best blender parts on the market, so you can keep on blending shakes and smoothies for years.

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