C20C Citrus Juicer
C20C Citrus Juicer C20C Citrus Juicer C20C Citrus Juicer
C20C Citrus Juicer C20C Citrus Juicer Best Electric Citrus Juicer, Grapefruit Juicer & Lemon Juicer Looking for the best citrus juicer on the market? Look no further than the C20C Citrus Juicer. This electric citrus juicer has been selected by happy customers as the best juicer for them. Purchase your juicer today and start enjoying fresh, delicious orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemon juice and more.

With this citrus juicer, you can make orange juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice and more. Customers love this orange juicer that Includes three different size juicing cones. One of our best electric citrus juicers, this juicer machine also offers a bowl and pulp strainer made of stainless steel, a splash guard, and non-slip feet.

Because the citrus juicers get more out of your fruits and vegetables, you’ll spend less on produce. Use the orange juicers for a breakfast drink, or reach for the best electric citrus juicer to make a refreshing afternoon drink with grapefruit, lemon, orange and leafy greens.

After choosing this citrus juicer, check out our recipes and be inspired to make new drinks with the best electric citrus juicer. And be inspired to create your own favorite drinks with your grapefruit, lemon and orange juicer.
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Citrus Juicer & Orange Juicer

Best Orange Juicers, Best Electric Citrus Juicer & Grapefruit Juicer

This citrus juicer features one speed operation. You’ll love these orange juicers offering maximum extraction with minimum effort. One of our best electric citrus juicers, the C20C Citrus Juicer includes three different size juicing cones plus a bowl and pulp strainer made of stainless steel, a splash guard, and non-slip feet. Whether you want a grapefruit juicer, lemon juicer, or orange juicer, Omega has the citrus juicer you want and need.

The best citrus juicers for your money, juicers from Omega are what you want to make orange juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice and more.

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Citrus Juicer

  • One speed operation
  • Maximum extraction, minimum effort
  • Includes 3 different size juicing cones
  • Bowl and pulp strainer made of surgical stainless steel
  • Splash guard
  • Non-slip feet
  • 1800 RPM


  • Juice Citrus Fruits


  • USA / Canada 2-year parts & performance
  • Commercial and International 1-year


    • Check the International page for local distributor.

    This citrus juicer is renowned for its performance and has received numerous accolades from happy customers. So, if you're looking to purchase an orange juicer, choose this electric citrus juicer - you won't be disappointed.

    Using citrus juicers, you can get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. With our orange juicers, not only do you get all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables, but you also get all the fiber, which is great for digestion. If you’re looking to start juicing, Omega has the best electric celery juicers.

    There are many different types of citrus juicers on the market. Electric citrus juicers are perfect for juicing oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. These orange juicers are also great for juicing other types of fruits and vegetables, but they’re especially good for juicing citrus fruits. Healthy living starts with Omega juicers and blenders.

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